Thursday, June 1

Mysterious Anime Announcement Teased by Dragon Ball Super

The year has been eventful for Dragon Ball Super. Our heroes are under constant pressure from the huge movie return and the upcoming manga arc. The Dragon Ball crew appears to be teasing some type of anime announcement on Twitter, according to a recent tweet.

The teaser is as authentic as they come because it was sent directly from the official Twitter account for the Dragon Ball Super anime. The Red Ribbon Army is mentioned in a strange update that the account posted earlier today, as you can see in the screenshot below.

The tweet includes a picture of the Red Ribbon Army’s emblem and declares that “The return of the Red Ribbon Army is close.” All eyes are on Goku and the group as the tweet continues to state that a full announcement will be made tomorrow morning.

What Could the Announcement Mean?

Of course, people have their own, very diverse theories about this teaser. As the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero on Blu-ray approaches, some people are confident that this update has something to do with it. After all, the film did revive the Red Ribbon Army, and the tweet alludes to a remark said by Magenta in the film.

Others, though, think the teaser refers to something altogether else. Nevertheless, there is still hope for Dragon Ball Super’s comeback to television. Millions of Goku fans are still yearning for him to reclaim the small screen. Far be it from supporters to grumble if the Red Ribbon Army has what it takes to launch a comeback!

Fans will be kept guessing all night long by Dragon Ball and its enigmatic statement for the time being. Fans will be ready to take in whatever is offered to them when Toei Animation releases its new project, which is scheduled to happen shortly.

What do you make of this mysterious teaser? Do you think the Dragon Ball franchise has a new anime in the works? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below 

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