Saturday, June 3

ENTIRE Juventus board including Agnelli and Nedved Resigns in a Shocking Move

On Monday night, the entire board of directors for Juventus resigned, leaving the club without a management structure in place. Juventus’ entire board of directors has left the organisation.

In a special meeting conducted on November 28 in the evening, important individuals including the president Andrea Agnelli, vice president Pavel Nedved, and managing director Maurizio Arrivabene all announced their resignations.

The disclosure comes after a probe into Juventus players and former head coach Maurizio Sarri’s decision to forego pay increases during the COVID-19 epidemic. After promising to do so, Italian prosecutors discovered certain inconsistencies and started looking more closely, which two years later led to the widespread resignation.

Agnelli served as the Old Lady’s president for 12 years, starting in 2010. During that time, he helped Juve to a decade of supremacy at home in Italy, where they won nine straight Scudetti.

Nedved, a club icon, joined the board of directors the following year and was elected vice-president in 2015 after playing with the Bianconeri for the final eight years of his playing career.

Arrivabene, on the other hand, moved to Turin in 2019 after quitting Formula 1’s most prestigious team, Scuderia Ferrari. He joined the club’s board of directors in 2012 and was elected to the position of CEO in 2021.

While a new Juve board is being formed, he will continue to serve as CEO.

The declaration additionally affirms that the club president, Gianluca Ferrero, is anticipated to succeed the current board of directors in a meeting set for January 18, 2023.

The Milan squads won the previous two Serie A championships, and despite Juventus’ success during the 2010s, they were unable to achieve the same degree of popularity on the European football arena. As a result, Juventus has recently slipped down the Italian footballing food chain.

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