Wednesday, March 22

Elon Musk says the blue ticks next to verified users will be removed since there is “no other option.”

Elon Musk, the new owner of twitter, reiterated on Thursday that the legacy blue tick verification will be eliminated in the next month because “far too many corrupt blue verification checkmarks exist” there.

Twitter is already rolling out the subscription package, although there are currently some technical issues with the new system.

A user questioned Musk today about his ability to resolve the strange bug with the verification badge. She said that when she joined Blue to test out the new features, her original verification was removed and it “now claims I am verified since I signed up for Blue.” “That’s not the case, though. I’ve had years of verification “Tweeted her.

Responding to her, the Twitter CEO said: “Far too many corrupt legacy Blue “verification” checkmarks exist, so no choice but to remove legacy Blue in coming months.”

Far too many corrupt legacy Blue “verification” checkmarks exist, so no choice but to remove legacy Blue in coming months

Please take note that Twitter will do a lot of stupid things in the next months and will maintain what works and modify what doesn’t, Musk warned on Wednesday.

The blue tick on Twitter used to be free. But after buying the business for $44 billion, Musk launched a subscription service that charges consumers $8 per month to receive the blue tick. If they don’t pay, those who already own it will lose.

Musk criticised Twitter’s present lords and peasants method for determining who has or does not have a blue checkmark in a series of tweets on November 1 and declared it to be “bull****.”

The blue tick will cost $8 per month, he said, and subscribers will receive priority in replies, mentions, and searches, which is crucial for thwarting spam and scam.

The head of Twitter said that subscribers will be able to publish lengthy audio and video clips with only half as many advertisements. He added, “And paywall bypass for publishers willing to cooperate with us.”

According to Musk, people who are public figures will have a secondary tag below their name, as is already the case for politicians.

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