Tuesday, March 21

“A Ghost I Was Investigating Followed Me Home” – Paranormal Investigator

Experts in the paranormal caution that there are several precautions one must take while interacting with the unseen world as paranormal investigations become a popular hobby and activity as ghost hunting social media sites spread across websites, youtube channels, and numerous applications. It’s a good idea to ward oneself when communicating with the other side to prevent any undesirable creatures from entering your body, soul, or vehicle. Furthermore, you don’t want to bring these restless spirits with you.

Sadly, it appears that one paranormal investigator has done just that.

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Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com

A ghost hunter states in the video that when he returned home from his paranormal tracking operations, he was shocked to see that some type of spirit had ridden right into his home. He used his spirit box, a common tool used by ghost hunters to interact with the ghosts they are looking for, to find the stowaway. It quickly changes stations and makes use of radio technology. Supporters of spirit box technology assert that spirits may control the system to play clips from other channels. It is unclear how the spirits are able to predict what will be stated on the radio when it is tuned to that station.

In one instance, the man’s spirit box in his backpack went on by itself, and when he inquired about what was going on, a child’s voice replied, “We’re here!”


One hopes that the ghost they picked up was kind and that the driver knew how to make the ghost’s stay pleasant.

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