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Michael Oliver to interview Jordan Henderson and Gabriel After an altercation on the pitch

Following Sunday’s game between Liverpool and Arsenal, the referee got in touch with a couple to hear their accounts of the altercation.

After the final whistle at the Emirates Stadium, referee Michael Oliver spoke with Jordan Henderson and Gabriel about their heated on-field altercation.

Oliver’s report, which is now thought to have been given to Football Association authorities, contains transcripts.

Oliver reportedly sought to talk with the two in order to hear their accounts of the events leading up to a fight between the squads.

While the material is being examined, representatives for Henderson, Gabriel, Liverpool, Arsenal, and the FA have declined to discuss what was said in the open. But it’s believed that Gabriel quickly complained to Oliver about something he purportedly overheard. In response, one source noted the possibility of possibly divergent readings of a term that was used.

According to reports, all parties are working with the FA to assess whether further action should be taken. The teams were required to turn over all video evidence, and it’s probable that players who saw the argument will also be examined.

During the tense 3-2 victory for Arsenal, a heated argument between the two teams’ players erupted in the second half. Oliver also talked with Mikel Arteta and Jurgen Klopp after the event, and it is believed that both of them had a second chat with the referee after the game.

The Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) and the FA said that they were still in contact over the incident on Monday night.

The FA stated, “We are aware of an incident that occurred during the match between Arsenal and Liverpool. “We shall analyse the incident’s specifics while in conversation with the match authorities,” was stated.

Bukayo Saka’s successful conversion of Arsenal’s go-ahead penalty with 14 minutes remaining set off the crisis. Several players engaged in combat as Gabriel and Henderson engaged in a drawn-out argument.

As soon as a complaint was lodged, referee Oliver stepped over to the touchline and spoke with both managers. The two players and the coaches reportedly repeated their version of events to the referee after the game, according to sources.

After the game, Henderson was apparently scheduled to conduct post-match interviews, but because of the argument, he was relieved of his duties. In his post-game press conference, the referee spoke to Arteta, but he chose not to go into depth. He stated, “It was an occurrence that occurred.

Whatever occurs on that field remains on that field.

Given that Henderson will likely travel to the World Cup with England next month, he will be hoping the problem is rectified in a matter of days rather than weeks.

What Really Happened?

Referee Oliver’s choice to give Arsenal a penalty after a foul by Thiago Alcantara on Gabriel Jesus infuriated Liverpool. Henderson took the protests in charge as the captain of Liverpool.

After Oliver gave the penalty, Gabriel and Granit Xhaka of Arsenal were on the scene swiftly. Henderson and the Brazilian looked to have argued at first.

Xhaka and Henderson engage in a combative confrontation before Kostas Tsimikas of Liverpool leads Gabriel away.

Henderson and Gabriel seemed to have a second conversation after this one was over and Oliver had left.

Gabriel approaches Henderson while Roberto Firmino looks on, and at the conclusion of the game, both sides’ Brazilian players Alisson, Firmino, Gabriel, and Jesus are talking.

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