Wednesday, March 22

Time traveler predicts aliens will land on earth on December 8th in a giant meteor

On the internet, there are some really engaging articles. Many people were interested in a recent tweet for precisely this reason. Five cataclysmic calamities that will alter the future of the world irrevocably were foreseen by a person who claims to be a time traveller.

Eno Alaric, a user on TikTok, shared the relevant post. The video’s description reads, “Attention! Yes, I am a real-time traveller from the year 2671; please keep in mind the following five dates.”

The guy claimed to be from the year 2671 and said that within months, aliens will be present on earth. On December 8, 2022, as he predicted, aliens would crash-land on the planet in a massive meteor. The latter, however, is not the first event of the year.

Alaric commented on four other occurrences that are rumoured to occur during the following six months in addition to the meeting with aliens. The first would happen on November 30. He predicted that the James Webb Telescope will find a new planet that resembles Earth on that day.

The contact with aliens would happen shortly after. The third occurrence that the guy foresaw would occur on February 6, 2023. A gang of four youngsters find ancient ruins and a tool that creates a wormhole to other universes, the guy claimed.

Alaric believes that an old species will be found in the Mariana Trench in the month of March the following year. His most recent prophecy predicted that a 750-foot mega-tsunami will strike the US west coast, including San Francisco.

The self-proclaimed time traveller has already made forecasts. A 3-foot spider, an 18-foot beat, and a 1-foot ant were among the things that were found.

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