Friday, June 2

10 Items From “Museum Of Failure” That Will Shock You!

Yes, You read that right, There’s a “Museum of Failure” in Sweden which highlights 150+ failed products. It’s meant to show that innovation requires risk-taking and failure.

Here are 10 gems you may be surprised exist:

ESPN phone (2006)

This ESPN-branded flip phone provided grainy video highlights and 24/7 sports news. It cost $399 or “free” with a $65-$225/month plan

It lasted <1yr, with Steve Jobs telling ESPN execs ““Your phone is the dumbest f***ing idea I have ever heard.”

Ikea a.i.r. (1980s)

Ikea took “DIY” and “transportable” to new heights with its line of inflatable furniture (a.i.r.).

Valves constantly leaked and needed re-pumping. The line did last almost a decade, though.

TwitterPeek (2009-2010)

A $200 handheld device that *only* ran Twitter. It was a disaster:

You could only see 20 characters at a time

Linked websites were inaccessible

It only refreshed the 10 most recent Tweets

Spray-on Condom (2006-2008)

Step 1: Insert junk into spray apparatus

Step 2: Spray on melted latex

Step 3: Wait 3 minutes for it to dry

Step 4: This is the most insane thing ever seen in my life

Lifesaver Holes (early 1990s)

Honestly, this was kind of a good idea.

Lifesaver launched a product that was supposed to resemble the punched out holes from the OG circular candies.

It totally flopped.

Nintendo Power Glove (1989-1990)

This was one of Nintendo’s first forays into VR tech. It sold 600k units in the first 6 weeks but didn’t actually do anything of note.

The hand-motion tech would later develop into the super successful Nintendo Wii controller, though.

Harley-Davidson Cologne (1996-2005)

Harley has a strong brand and merch makes up ~5% of its sales. In the mid-90s, the motorbike manufacturer got a little ambitious w/ its brand extension strategy: eau de toilette (AKA cologne).

The scent was called — wait for it — “Hot Rod“.

Apple Pippin (1996-97)

Pre-Steve Jobs return, Apple launched a gaming console. It used Macintosh tech, so was pretty powerful…but way overpriced.

It cost $600 vs. $200 for the N64. In a year on the market, Apple sold 42k units

N64 sold 300k on the *first* day.

Seems like apple had a thing for overpriced stuff way before iphones were invented!

Arch Deluxe (1996)

It’s McDonald’s largest flop.

Facing pressure from BK, McD made an “adult” burger: patty on potato-flour bun w/ lettuce leaf (not shredded), tomato + fancy mustard.

It failed after $100m in ad spend (the ad copy had children criticizing the “adult” taste).

Colgate Frozen Beef Lasagna (early 1980s)

The Museum of Failure can’t confirm whether or not this *actually* existed (Colgate says “no”). If true, one of the more ludicrous product crossovers ever LOL.

Nike Magneto (1995-97)

Nike created a pair of futuristic sunglasses that didn’t have temples (the part that goes over your ear).

One big catch: to wear them you had to glue magnets on your face so the shades could clip on.

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