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You ever heard a “fact” or a story so bizarre that you just refuse to accept that it could be true? From some common things to some horrific incidents, here’s a list of some scary facts that may seem out of reality, but are totally true!

  • Long-dormant bacteria and viruses, trapped in ice and permafrost for centuries, are reviving as Earth’s climate warms
  • Gamma-ray bursts can kill all life on earth without any warning
  • Asteroids can mess earth up
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  • In Mississippi and some parts of Florida, there is a Bacteria in the water at the coast that will literally eat your flesh off of you. Florida is much safer than Mississippi though. At least, in that aspect.
  • There is a mosquito in Florida that, when it bites you, can make your brain swell inside your skull and can possibly kill you.
  • One of the experiments the japanese did during ww2 at unit 731 was cutting off limbs of living, operating on people without anethesia and sewing those limbs onto other prisoners.
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  • They also infected male prisoners with various infectious diseases then forced them at gun point to r*pe pregnant prisoners to see if the disease would transmit to the baby.
  • Some monks used to endure a spiritual practice whereby they eliminated all their body fat through diet and exercise, ate wood lacquer tea to kill off internal bacteria, then sealed themselves in a tomb holding a string attached to a bell. A year after the bell stopped ringing, the tomb was opened and if the monk’s body was found to be uncorrupted they were revered as a saint; if not, they were re-buried.
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  • The process took years and as they continued the monks required more and more help from their brothers until they entered the tomb. And the whole time you’d hear bells ringing from the nearby tombs as the monks inside slowly wound down the last days of their lives, voluntarily poisoned, starved, and buried alive for a chance at sainthood.

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