Thursday, June 1

If You Have Anxiety, Read This.

A deep psychological thread that will deal into anxiety and if you are one of those that suffer from it, read this and it might help you how to deal with it better than you did before reading this!

You are free to interpret this thread according to your liking, we all have different experiences and it is all subjective to each other!

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Nothing is as chaotic as it seems.

Nothing is worth your health.

Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear.

Smile, breathe and go slowly.

We suffer more often in imagination that in reality.

Worrying about things in the future doesn’t stop them from happening.

It just takes away your happiness today.

Remind yourself that nothing lasts forever.

You’re doing alot better than you think you are.

You’re more healed than you think you are.

Everything will be okay, you can do this.

Fill your heart & mind with positive things.

Manage your expectations and be realistic about how much you can do.

Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.

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Sometimes it’s better to workout your body instead of your mind overthinking things, be it a small walk in the morning, a yoga class or an entire gym session throughout the day, try to workout your body and you will see some positive results that will help motivate you and keep going.

Not getting enough sleep time can worsen anxiety.

Get enough rest. Sleep 7-9 hours each night.

Walking helps clear your mind. It offers you a different perspective.

Check your self-talk.

Negative self-talk does not serve you.

Be Kind to Yourself.

Try to remember the small tasks that you actually completed throughout the day and give yourself some credit for getting them done, and try to divide that big task lying ahead into smaller easier tasks, one step at a time is much better than just standing at the starting line wondering how will you ever reach the finish.

Practice self-love.

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Each day remind yourself that you are a strong, beautiful person, with a lot to offer.

Don’t stress. Do your best & forget the rest.

Go easy on yourself, everything will be alright.

You are capable, and significant, even when you think you’re not.

Repeat after me!

– I am strong

– I can do this

– I am capable enough

– I deserve to be happy

– I refuse to let negative thoughts control Me.

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