Thursday, June 1

Which iPhone are compatible With iOS 16?

On September 12, iOS 16 will be released, bringing more personalization possibilities, including new smart tools from Apple, and expanding sharing opportunities, mostly with fellow Apple users.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone SE from 2016 are not supported by this version of iOS, despite being relatively popular devices.

iPhone NOT COMPATIBLE with iOS 16

📵iPhone 6s

📵iPhone 6sPlus

📵iPhone 7

📵iPhone 7Plus

📵iPhone SE (2016)

iPhone COMPATIBLE with iOS 16

Apple now needs you to at the very least have an iPhone 8, which was launched in 2017.

📱iPhone 8

📱iPhone 8Plus


📱iPhone XR

📱iPhone XS

📱iPhone Xs Max

📱iPhone 11

📱iPhone 11 Pro

📱iPhone 11 ProMax

📱iPhone SE (2020)

📱iPhone 12mini

📱iPhone 12

📱iPhone 12 Pro

📱iPhone 12 ProMax

📱iPhone SE (2022)

📱iPhone 13mini

📱iPhone 13

📱iPhone 13 Pro

📱iPhone 13 ProMax

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