Saturday, February 4

iOS 16 will “warn you” if you try to pair counterfeit AirPods

iOS 16 will reach all compatible iPhone users on September 12.

One of the updated features in iOS 16 warns the user if they attempt to link fake AirPods with their iPhone or iPad and that they could “not function as intended” as a result.

Since iOS version 15.2, the user may see a history that indicates whether their iPhone or iPad has had any replacement parts installed, including the battery, screen, or camera in the case of more current devices.

The updated version of Apple’s mobile and tablet operating system will now warn the user if the AirPods they wish to pair are fake.

The final release candidate (RC) of iOS 16 that Apple made available to developers on Wednesday contains this new functionality, according to the specialised website 9to5Mac.

If the AirPods’ authenticity could not be confirmed upon pairing, the system will be able to alert the user and warn them that the headphones may “not operate as intended.”

The user will have the option of choosing not to connect or being sent to a support website that explains how to recognise original AirPods when they receive this message. This technique won’t yet have an impact on third-party headsets.

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