Saturday, June 3

The Truth Behind FIFA 23: Inside Information Reveal Disaster Behind The Latest Upcoming Game

I have spent the last 2 years apart of the EA Design Council, where I get to talk to developers and community managers on a monthly basis.

Jake Barford

I also have visited the EA studios in Vancouver twice to meet with people who make FIFA in person. Here is what I’ve learned:

The game is literally BROKEN.

The basic foundational code of the game is too old and also has been built on top of for too long to be fixed. A lot of the people who built the original code of the game no longer work at EA making it extremely difficult and time consuming to fix certain things.

Because the code of the game is so old and complex, it makes certain tasks that you would think would be easy, extremely difficult.

ie. Pro Clubs cross platform

I’m not trying to make excuses for EA at all, but this is the reality…

TRUST ME… The people who make the game want all the changes we want as well… they just can’t do it!

So what needs to be done

The game itself needs a MASSIVE OVERHAUL and EA needs to invest a lot of money to make this happen.

The problem… FUT makes billions so why would they risk investing significant money elsewhere if they are making so much.

There is hope though… not for FIFA 23, but what comes after…

Next year and years moving forward we could see some massive changes to the game with EA losing the FIFA license…


EA have always been tied down with FIFA, as they control a lot of what EA can and can’t do with the game. Once EA loses the FIFA license, EA will have the choice to make some massive decisions that would really change the game!

The only question is: What route will EA go when they are no longer controlled by FIFA? How much will they spend and how much will they invest to actually try and improve the game for the better… Time will tell.

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