Friday, February 3

Lisandro Martinez explains why he chose Manchester United over Arsenal

Despite interest from teams like Arsenal, Lisandro Martinez has explained why he decided to join Manchester United this summer.

Martinez’s €55 million transfer from Ajax was lastly finalised, and the center-back committed to a five-year deal at Old Trafford.

Lisandro Martinez

Arsenal appeared to be in a strong position to sign the 24-year-old earlier in the summer. However, after deciding to make him their main defensive target, United quickly overtook them as the favourites to sign him, according to 90min.

Martinez gave his first in-depth interview since becoming a United player, in which he discussed his reasons for wanting to sign with the club this summer.

“Well, Manchester United I think is one of the best clubs in the world. Every player wants to play here. The opportunity was there, so I took it and now I’m really happy to be here,” he told the club’s media team.

Martinez continued by acknowledging that his choice was also significantly influenced by the prospect of reconnecting with former Ajax manager Erik ten Hag.

“Well, I was with him three years at Ajax and I know his style of playing. With him, I improved a lot to be honest. He’s here in Manchester now, so again the opportunity was there and for sure he’s very important in my career,” he added.

Martinez made his Manchester United debut Sunday against Rayo Valencia

“[He is] very intense, for sure. Good football. Winning mentality, you know? That’s the most important, yeah.

“I think he’s very clear also so I think with him every day you can learn and then in the game you can understand also fully – tactics and everything, so yeah.”

After being questioned about what he would offer to United on the field, Martinez replied, “I really want to support my teammates, but every player – I want the best for everybody.

“If everybody is fit and everybody is good, then we can win, you know? Because we can win with 11 players if everyone is good, it will help with each other. This is one of my first points. Then I’m really aggressive, I love to win, you know? It’s all about winning. I’m a good friend, also. Yeah.

“I will give my 100 per cent every game, every training. For sure, also the team, we will do it.

“We will play as a team and for sure I know the fans from Manchester United – I watch videos, when I watch a game, some opinions also and the fans from Manchester United are so crazy. But I like that passion because football is about it also.”

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