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WWE SummerSlam 2022 Results, Reactions And Highlights!

In Nashville, the 35th SummerSlam tournament recently finished. As is the case every summer, the lineup was packed with major events, but none of them could compare to the Last Man Standing main event battle between undisputed champion Roman Reigns and fierce rival Brock Lesnar.

The event had five championship matches in all, including the undisputed tag titles as well as both women’s championships. Additionally, Logan Paul competed in his first singles bout, going up against his old tag team teammate The Miz.


This Summer Slam 2022 was the first PPV under their new CEO and head of creative Triple H after Vince McMahon officially resigned following allegations on him having sexual relations with his female staff and paying them millions in hush money to keep the news under the wraps!

The WWE universe rejoiced to this news as they needed this breadth of fresh air and knew Triple H was the man for the job as he already proved his creative prowess in NXT before, and it did not take long AT ALL for him to deliver us a master piece of a PPV just few days being in charge!


And I am going to say it right now, This was definitely the best PPV of the year so far, and yes that also includes Wrestlemania, there were unexpected twists and turns, amazing technical matchups, some CRAZY spots and moments, and overall just ecstatic booking!

The only downside of the night was we did not get to see Rollins wrestle Riddle as they were also booked to face each other at SummerSlam but the match was postponed so they can go at each other in the Clash Of Castle PPV, and thus that resulted in Summer Slam PPV to end 20 minutes earlier than scheduled!

Rollins attacked an injured Riddle at Summer Slam

Instead we got a 5 minutes segment of Riddle coming out “injured” and calling out Rollins only for Rollins to curb stomp him and heat up the rivalry!


The show was also stuffed with some great returns as Triple H went to work and brought back and resigned some old WWE superstars after they were let go in the Vince Era.

WWE megastar Bailey finally returned to the ring after being sidelined from an injury for more than a year! She made her anticipated return after the Raw Women’s match between Becky Lynch and Bianca Belaire, and alongside her were two other super stars who re signed with WWE in Shirai Io and Dakota James, all three of them forming a heel faction, and went face to face against Bianca Belaire, who was backed by Becky Lynch who now seems to be a Baby Face after her match.

Edge returned at summer slam

Edge also made an much anticipated return as he helped the Mysterios against his former faction Judgement Day, Returning as the “Brood Edge” and a much different style, a long term story is in the making here, it would be great to see where it goes!


So after the amazing PPV, here are the SummerSlam 2022 official match results!

Bianca Belair beats Becky Lynch

Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch’s Raw Women’s Championship contest served as the event’s opening act. Many people won’t be surprised to learn that Lynch and Belair had an excellent fit. Ultimately, Belair used two of her KOD finishes to pin Becky Lynch.

Belair countered Lynch’s attempt at a Manhandle Slam from the middle rope into a Spanish Fly. She then added a second KOD to seal the victory.

Bayley returns at SummerSlam

In the Raw women’s division, a new group has emerged.

After Becky Lynch was beaten by Bianca Belair, Bayley, a former SmackDown Women’s Champion, made a surprise appearance. She began trash-talking Belair as she walked down the ramp and her music started. As soon as Dakota Kai’s music started playing, she joined Bayley. Then, once Io Shirai’s song became popular, we saw a third, highly thrilling main roster debut.

Logan Paul defeats The Miz

Logan After an extended bout, Paul beat The Miz. Ciampa and Maryse, who both entered the fray, escorted Miz to the ring.

logan paul wins at summerslam

The first three periods of the game were only passably good. As a skilled athlete with a natural aptitude for pro wrestling, Logan Paul’s powerful offensive and superstar composure are not particularly surprising. The Miz isn’t the ideal opponent for Paul, which is the problem. While Miz is excellent enough to prevent a train crash, he isn’t good enough to force Paul into a fantastic bout, and it is obvious that Paul wants a “great contest.”

Miz and Paul then fought ont he outside, where Paul laid Miz out on the announcer’s table. He then hit a super impressive Frog Splash from the top rope through the announcer’s table.

Bobby Lashley retains US Championship

Theory was beaten by Bobby Lashley to keep the US Championship. Theory debuted to a lot of criticism, which is a testament to the work WWE spent into turning him into a star.

bolly lashley retains his US title

Bobby Lashley defeated Theory to retain the US Championship. Theory received a lot of criticism when he made his debut, which is evidence of the effort WWE put into making him a success.

The Mysterios beat the Judgement Day after Edge returned

First and foremost, the rules of Rey and Dominik Mysterio’s battle versus Finn Balor and Damian Priest were illogical. Both sides followed the tag rules and patiently waited on the apron to be tagged in despite the fact that it was a no disqualification tag team bout. Despite having complete freedom to assist her squad, Rhea Ripley walked about on the outside and only interfered once.

edge helped mysterios at summerslam

Edge, who founded the Judgement Day group but lost to Balor, is back. Edge, who seemed demonic and sprang off of a platform on the ramp with flames shooting out on either side of him, had a theatrical entrance. He then sprinted into the ring and attacked Balor with a big Spear.

Edge then set Balor up in position for a 619, at which point the Mysterios hit a stereo 619. Rey landed a splash on Balor for the win.

Pat McAfee Defeats Happy Corbin

Pat McAfee is a natural, much like Logan Paul. His second singles encounter on the WWE main roster, in which he defeated Happy Corbin, was a strong contest.

When Corbin entered the room, McAfee had a choir perform “Bum Ass Corbin” and his theme tune.

Mcafee got his revenge against Baron Corbin

McAfee retaliated against Corbin’s End of Days effort. The referee was struck in the process and momentarily knocked out. This gave McAfee the opportunity to strike Corbin with a low blow in retaliation for Corbin’s low blow on McAfee on SmackDown, and he did so before hitting a Code Red from the top rope to secure the victory.

The Usos defeat The Street Profits

Jimmy and Jey Uso defeated Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford to retain their Unified Tag Team Championships.

Ford tried to perform a suicide dive but was stopped by two superkicks. With a double Superkick and a 1D for the victory, The Usos pummeling Dawkins.

usos retained unified tag team championship

Montez Ford was furious in the match as well as after it, which could hint at his heel turn in the near future and going solo!

Liv Morgan retains SmackDown Women’s Championship With Extra Drama

Liv Morgan was pummeling by Ronda Rousey, yet she still left SummerSlam as the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

After a lengthy contest, Rousey successfully applied an armbar to Morgan, but her shoulders were pinned to the mat. Morgan tapped out just before the official counted to three. However, the referee missed the tap and awarded the victory to Morgan.

controversy as liv morgan retains Smackdown Women’s title

The finish was challenged when Rousey executed a Judo throw and placed Morgan in an armbar in the middle of the ring. Rousey assaulted Liv Morgan after the bout and applied another armbar to her. She arm-barred and Judo tossed him as well when the referee complained.

Ronda heel turn coming soon as well?

Roman Reigns defeats Brock Lesnar In An Amazing Main Event!

The last match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns was a crazy spectacle befitting of their long-running feud. Reigns buried Lesnar beneath the announcer’s table and steel steps to be the Last Man Standing and retain his WWE Universal Championship after an absolutely insane Last Man Standing match that saw a failed cash in by Theory, Paul Heyman F5 through a table, and the entire ring being scooped up by a huge tractor.

crazy main event at summerslam

As soon as the match began, Lesnar and Reigns got into a fight outside, moving through the spectators and onto some of the stadium’s staging. Lesnar put up a table on the way down to the ring, and after Paul Heyman caused a diversion, Reigns Samoan Dropped him through it. Lesnar’s back was sliced up by it, and it started to bleed. Then Reigns rigged up another table and used a Uranage to smash Lesnar through it.

Paul Heyman ate an F5 too

Lesnar went back in the tractor and repeatedly smashed it into the ring in what was arguably the most memorable moment of their long rivalry. Reigns fell down the ring as a result of his utilising the tractor to scoop up the ring.

Theory got pummeled trying to cash in

After hearing Theory’s music, he sprinted to the ring and smacked Reigns with the Money in the Bank briefcase. But Lesnar F5’d him on the briefcase before he could really cash it in.

In what was one of the best endings, Reigns and the Usos ganged up on Lesner, and then buried him under a pile to finally keep the beast down for the 10 count, thus resulting in a win for the Tribal Chief and continuing his ultra dominating run in the WWE!


That was the best PPV like I already mentioned, and I would give it a solid 8.5/10 to round up on what is an amazing start to the TV14 and Triple H era in WWE, the competition should be scared, very scared from WWE as it seems that it is going to stay at the top for a very long time to come!

The only thing that was missing from the PPV was the return of Bray Wyatt along side Edge, which would have been amazing, but we hope that day comes soon!

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