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What would happen if Amber Heard declared bankruptcy to avoid paying Johnny Depp the $10.35 million she owes him?

The Aquaman actress lost the defamation case she had filed against her ex-husband, which put her in a lot of bad light.

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Amber Heard in Aquaman

Since she was required to compensate Johnny Depp for damages totaling $10.35 million, Amber Heard has been in turmoil. The Aquaman actress’ ex-husband was the target of a slander lawsuit that she lost, which put her in a lot of bad press. But could she declare bankruptcy and avoid paying that enormous amount? Scroll down to see what happens.

To begin with, Amber had launched a $100 million countersuit against Johnny. Her claimed $8 million net worth is the latest twist in the tale. Yes, even if she truly gives up every asset she has, it still wouldn’t be enough to cover the losses.

Because of this, Elaine Bredehoft and their legal team have been contesting the decision made in the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard lawsuit. The actress went ahead and officially appealed the prior judge’s decision, Judge Penney Azcarate, who heard the case.

What does the law say?

Even if Amber Heard declares bankruptcy, things won’t get any easier for her, according to Law & Crime. There is just one factor that might go in her favour, even though she will still be required to pay the amount requested. Officials will give the actress a little more time to make the payments, but that’s all. By hook or by crook, the money will ultimately end up with Johnny Depp!

Jhonny depp

On the other hand, once Heard’s attorneys submitted an appeal, the lawyers for Depp also did not hold back. After one of Johnny’s attorneys referred to Amber’s accusations as a “hoax,” they ultimately decided to appeal against the $2 million judgement that Johnny was required to pay.

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