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Legendary Dragon Ball Creator Akira Toriyama Gives More Control To Son

Despite the years that have gone since Dragon Ball’s premiere, its creator Akira Toriyama continues to remain involved with the series. Due to his influence on how shonen is currently understood, the inventor is now regarded as a legend by millions of people. These days, Goku is somehow more well-liked than ever, and Toriyama is to blame for that. And it appears that the IP’s developer is keen to involve the person who will look after the series’ legacy once he departs as the IP continues.

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The Legend Akira Toriyama

The announcement that Dragon Ball has brought its newest film to Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con. In front of the audience, Toei Animation producer Norihiro Hayashida discussed Toriyama’s involvement in the production. As promised, Toriyama worked alongside his only son to oversee the plot of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Sasuke Toriyama (His Son) Was In Charge For The New Movie!

Sasuke Toriyama was “in command” of his father’s legacy on the movie, according to Hayashida, and made sure it was carried out. The creator’s family’s involvement with Dragon Ball is something new for the fans, although it is not particularly surprising. You simply need to look to J.R.R. Tolkien to understand that it is true that family members frequently manage the estates of well-known creators. The renowned English novelist left his literary estate to his son Christopher, who managed The Lord of the Rings intellectual property until his own passing. Sasuke will probably be in charge of the estate when Toriyama decides to retire.

Of course, when it comes to Dragon Ball and its artistic direction, Toriyama does have a protégé. Since a few years ago, the artist has been preparing Toyotaro, and they are presently collaborating on the Dragon Ball Super manga. Once Toriyama retires, it appears probable that Toyotaro would continue to collaborate with his estate. So Goku may continue to exist for many more years if he so chooses.

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