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Why Barcelona Could Not Exist In The Next 3 YEARS!

FC Barcelona are in real trouble financially, and I feel as though the footballing world isn’t talking about the seriousness of their current situation enough.

We may be years away from a world without FC Barcelona. Here’s why

Barcelona are a few moves away from real trouble. It’s 100% my opinion, but I feel as though Bartomeu is pushing the limits because he feels as though the footballing world needs the club

La Liga’s rules are throttling Barca on the European stage where they fear they can no longer contend financially. They need to rely on the clubs/league’s history as the draw.

Here is some alarming info the footballing world should know about the situation at Barcelona:

In the 21/22 season Barcelona’s salary limit was €98m. To overcome this players inc; Pique, Busquets and Alba took salary cuts. It’s now MINUS 144m compared to Madrid’s 739m.

La Liga Club salary spending

That means Barca will only be able to spend 25 percent of any savings they can make.

The LaLiga director general Javier Gomez offered a bit more insight into the above stating:

“Until [Barca] recover the net worth that they’ve lost, the only way they can spend is with the 1:4 rule, where if you save €10m, you can spend €2.5m.”

Barcelona have also reportedly deferred wages, which they appear to be trying to negotiate to reduce. Frenkie de Jong may just be the tip of the iceberg.

Barcelona owe Frankie De jong 17 million in wages

At the start of the 21/22 season, Barcelona ‘cushioned’ their accounts meaning if they can get any fee for Umtiti, Pjanic & Neto it counts as direct profit. Cushioning accounts is a desperate sign.

Barcelona have asked Goldman Sachs, Allianz, Barings, Amundi and Prudential to delay outstanding debts so that the club can avoid potential insolvency. Barcelona are said to have a negative working capital of €601.8m and have imminent debts of €300m. (Source – El Confidential)

Eduard Romeu has said the club need £427million to save the club from its current mess. That amount would only half their total debt. Barcelona still reportedly owes near £100m transfer fees on several different players.

Barcelona still have wages of £4.1m (est) a week and have signed Raphinha AND Lewandowski for the 22/23 season. That’s down from £5.6m (est) 20/21. They still have 2 players on over £300k a week, 8 players on over £200k a week & 17 players on over £100k a week.

They’ve run their squad to the limit.

Barcelona’s current site will show you a list of 22 players for 1st team. 2 not registered – Kessie & Christensen 4 are 33+ 2 are zero value players; Umtiti & Neto. Raphinha being registered appears to be predicated on sale of De Jong.

AS have stated that Barcelona may have had to defer many of their players wages for the whole of June & that they plan to ask loyal players like Busquets, Pique, Alba and ter Stegen to take yearlong wage reductions for the second time.

Barcelona also have signed Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich

So how are Barcelona trying to fix the issues?

Laporta wants to sell off up to 49.9% in; Barça Studios, Barça Licensing and Merchandise (BLM), which would help ease some burden. However, their main issue / best potential solution seems to be their long-term TV rights

Barca sold 10% already for 25 years to ease pressure. Reports CVC & Sachs have offered up to 250m Euros to take around 15% of Barcelona’s TV rights for up to the next 50 years. This seems to be the light for Barcelona, but Laporta is dragging his heels. This time it may be valid

Selling off additional TV rights (to take the total up to around 25%) is really one of the last moves (after %’s in the aforementioned ventures) that Barcelona have at their disposal so they need to get the decision 100% right, but time is of the essence.

What If’s?

  • What if Barca don’t make Europe?
  • What if players fight back against deferred wages?
  • What if loyal players refuse to accept cuts?
  • What if Pjanic and Umtiti can’t be offloaded?
  • What if De Jong deal collapses?

Barcelona are threading on thin ice here with all the new signings and their transfer policies, one thing going wrong could mean the world would see the legendary football dissolved and not exist anymore!


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