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LEAKED!! Adidas Arsenal Kits For The 2022/23 Season

The Adidas Arsenal kits for the 2022 / 23 season have been leaked online and all three kits look different to each other and also different from what their current kits look like

Arsenal recently moved back to Adidas few seasons ago as there official kit partner and since then their kits over the years have not disappointed where Adidas always tried to bring unique concepts and blast from the past like the recently bruised banana away kit last season.

And yet again, Adidas have out done themselves from what we can see they have created 3 different kits which fans will love when they official release.


In retrospect, there doesn’t seem to be much change in the Arsenal home kit from previous season, but if you look closely, you will notice the finer details where this kit contains three stripes on the shoulders and also a unique collar look which shares a zip design over it.

The sleeves are also multicoloured instead of just plain white which gives it a much sleaker look compared to the current home kit.

The main talking point of this kit should be if Adidas will go with red shorts or white shorts? Adidas have been seen to experiment red shorts with their current kit in the previous home game where it was a divided opinion among the fans whether they liked it or not.

Leaked Arsenal 2022/23 home kit


Now this is a kit which will have many fans excited and is probably going to be their favourite among the three kits that Adidas will release next season.

Adidas have decided to switch the away kit to the black variant which will have golden writing on it, it also has dark grey stripes on the shoulders instead of golden pin stripes.

Adidas has also decided to go with the canon logo on the shirt instead of the classic Arsenal club logo, giving it a much more unique look, it is speculated that the name and the number on the back will be golden as well.

Another final details that fans might miss out from this leak is that the away kit has unique A letters imprinted in the design which would give it a three dimensional look on the pitch in the sun shine.

Leaked Arsenal away kit for the new season


Arsenal’s third kid for the season will be a pinkish maroon tinted v-neck shirt which also sports clover like design at regular intervals and black stripes running along the shoulders, it would be interesting to see the fans opinion on this one.

Arsenal 3rd kid for the new season

Here is a picture of all three kits together, you can see the design much more clearly in the away kit in this image.

Arsenal leaked kits for 2022/23

So what do you think about the new kits for the new season that Arsenal will be playing in? Let us know down in the comments below!

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