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War About To Break Out Between Vlahovic And Florentina As Arsenal Deal Closes Near

In another crazy update on the Vlahovic to Arsenal saga, it looks like a war is likely to break out between the player and his current club as new details emerges which could sabotage the entire deal for Arsenal!

It is not surprising news that Arsenal are in the January transfer window looking for a striker to add to their ranks, with their former captain Aubameyang now looking certainly out with heart problem and their current club captain Alexandra Lacazette and Eddie Nketiah both only having left six months on their contracts.

Is Vlahovic going behind his current club’s back?

While the position of Lacazette that is still unknown, it is certain that Nketiah will leave for free in summer as he has rejected multiple contract extension offers from Arsenal.

Arsenal Boss Mikel Arteta has acknowledge the fact that Arsenal are in the market for a world class striker and they will do everything to chase the correct player and bring him to the club. And that player currently looks like it is Florentina’s top striker Dusan Vlahovic.


At first, it was reported that selling the inform striker was not a priority for Florentina and the player was undecided about any moves either, but strong interest from Arsenal proved otherwise.

Arsenal have publicly shown interest in Vlahovic and that the player was interested in joining the gunners, and seeing the young striker perform constantly, florentina when were now willing to cash in on their prized asset.

Then there was an issue regarding Vlahovic’s agent demanding outrageous fees which would stall the agreement, and also reports of him demanding €10 million just for agent fees to make the transfer happen.

Vlahovic later wanted to stay at Florentina until summer to weight his options and see if there are any more clubs interested in signing him and then that way he would also know which of these clubs would offer him champions League football, something that is a big factor in signing the player.


According to new reports from La Nazione, Arsenal made a bid of 70 million to the club, and 19 million to the player for 5 years of contract, an offer which is much higher than Arsenal’s previous offer of €56 millions. Arsenal also previously offered Lukas Torriera in the deal, but it is unclear if he’s still the part of the new deal or not.

Torreira has not taken a liking to the life in England and desperately wants to move back to Italy where he is currently playing as Vlahovic’s teammate in florentina, getting on the score sheet in their latest match as well.

Vlahovic going against his own club?

And if new reports coming out of Italy are to be believed, and all likely war is about to break out between the player and the club as the club looks to cash out on the player having accepted Arsenal’s €102 million bid including the player and agent fees, and all the added bonus, but the player seems to have an entirely different plan for himself.

Florentina not only wanted to cash out on the priced asset getting their desired price on the player, but the new report suggest that Vlahovic has made and informal agreement with Juventus to see out his contract at florentina and move to Juve in 2023 when his contract runs out.

He has also agreed a penalty clause with the club which would see him as the designated penalty taker when he arrives at the club for free in 2023.

Vlahovic breached his contract rules with Florentina?

So why is it so bad and how is it a breach of his contract with florentina?

Keep in mind that Vlahovic still has 18 months left in his contract and he cannot legally discuss or make any agreements with any clubs while he is still contracted to Florentina.

A player would only be allowed to discuss principal terms with a club, if he has less than 6 months left on his contract, and even with 6 months left on his contract, he would still only be able to discuss principal terms with clubs outside of Italy and not the most famous team in the country which is Juventus.

Doing so would be a breach in his contract and could potentially put off any deals for the player, leaving Florentina getting absolutely nothing out of the transfer, Which is why the situation might escalate to something really serious.

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