Friday, February 3

VLAHOVIC COULD SACK AGENT If Arsenal Deal Doesn’t Happen!

Some new development in the Arsenal pursuing of Vlahovic case, as the reports suggest, Arsenal fans should be in for a treat this January transfer window!

Vlahovic is “very interested” in Arsenal

It is no secret that Arsenal are currently facing a striker problem, which is going to get even worse if they don’t address it in the January transfer window.

The out of favour former Arsenal captain Pierre Emerick Aubameyang’s time at Arsenal looks like it’s up after he was dropped from the squad, has been training alone and hasn’t been recalled to the team before leaving prematurely for AFCON for his national team.

The current striker and new captain Alex Lacazette has been playing in the first 11 consistently for the past few weeks, however his contract is up this summer, and there have been no current development on the case, but the captaincy could persuade him to stay, but Arsenal still don’t have any concrete answers.

The backup striker for Arsenal and their preferred number 9 Eddie Nketiah, who was poised for bigger things has failed to live up to the expectations for Arsenal and is also running out of months on his contract this summer, but in his case, it’s even worse as he has rejected the contract offered by Arsenal and is certain he will be playing at a new club in the next season.

The only other option at the striker position for Arsenal are Martinelli, who has been playing at the wings for Arsenal in the current team, and Balogan who hasn’t seen much minutes this season.

Arteta admits Arsenal are looking for a striker

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has admitted that getting someone in at the striker position is a high priority for the club, and the club will try their best to get the best option for his project at Arsenal.

Florentina striker Vlahovic currently fits perfectly in Arteta’s profile as he is a young prolific striker who is also great in the air, and is one of the best inform players in the world currently, ranking number one for players age 21 and second only to Dortmund star Erling Haaland under 23.

Vlahovic has been in red hot form as he has scored 16 goals in 20 appearance for Florentina this season, something that Arsenal are lacking currently relying on the wingers and cams to score for them.

According to multiple reports, Arsenal have made bids for the striker and both the clubs are in talks currently over a possible deal, with Florentina willing to sell their prized asset at the right price, but things go more complicated than that.

Vlahovic is not happy with his agent

According to the Arsenal supporters club in Croatia, Vlahovic’s agent has been the root of multiple problems for the player with both the contract extension and the transfer saga for their own greed, a dispute which could see them getting sacked by Vlahovic.

According to the report, Florentina wanted to extend the contract of their star player, and even the player wanted to extend, but the deal was not able to go through as the agent demanded a 4 million fees for themselves, which resulted in the talks being broken down.

If the reports are to be believed, the relation between Vlahovic and his agent are “very thin” and they could be sacked if Arsenal and Florentina agree a deal but the agent fees stall the deal, as Vlahovic is “very interested” coming to Arsenal.

Arsenal should be expecting the transfer to go through

According to their report from someone who know Vlahovic personally, the player is super interested in the English club and will leave this season, or could go to Dortmund this summer if the Arsenal deal doesn’t go through in January, replacing Haaland who’s departure is imminent from Dortmund in the summer.

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