Friday, February 3

Lukaku vs Chelsea Drama continues as Player Deletes Twitter, Changes Facebook against the Club

The Lukaku versus his manager and his team saga continues as the story takes yet another major turn where things are turning sour quick.

The drama started when Lukaku had an interview with Sky Sports Italy where he stated that he disliked being in the current team and that the manager is using tactics that is not suitable to him.

Lukaku also went and express his desire to return back to Inter Milan while he is still a new signing for Chelsea, saying he would want to go back there while he’s still in his prime years.

And the drama has taking a new chapter in where Chelsea manager Tuchel was interviewed about the situation and asked what Lukaku needs to do to bring out the best in him? His response was:

Work hard, eat good, train harder and stop giving interviews!

Tuchel on Romelu Lukaku

Tuchel was seen visibly displeased about the situation and even more so that Lukaku had made it an public affair, which also resulted in Lukaku being punished for it.

Lukaku was left out of the Chelsea squad enemy in their crucial matches against Liverpool where both Chelsea and Liverpool were looking to get a win to keep their title hopes alive.

Chelsea currently do not have any striker in their squad as Tomo Werner is currently injured and Lukaku was dropped from the team entirely, American Winger Christian Pulisic ended up playing as number 9 where the match between two clubs ended 2-2

Lukaku did not take the situation well

To make things even worse for Chelsea fans, Romelu Lukaku has decided to double down on his quest to express his anger against Chelsea as he was seen publicly supporting Inter Milan instead of trying to squash his beef with the manager and the club.

Lukaku changed his Facebook profile to Inter Milan

Lukaku changed his Facebook profile to Inter Milan instead of Chelsea after the Liverpool vs Chelsea match even though there have been zero transfer talk of Lukaku going back to Inter Milan.

He also did delete he is a Twitter account entirely before making the move on Facebook to Inter Milan, clearly hinting at his displeasure at the club currently

Lukaku deleted his Twitter account

Inter Milan chief himself said that they sold Lukaku 97 million pounds, and bought in an older striker but there has been barely any difference on the pitch, making it clear that Inter Milan do not like or need Lukaku currently in response to how he forced his move out of the club in the previous season.

Chelsea face tottenham next in the Cup fixture, it will be interesting to see whether Lukaku and Tuchel come to terms or would it be end of Lukaku for Chelsea.

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