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Don’t Know What To Do In 2021? Here Are Some New Year’s Resolutions You Should Try!

Finally, 2022 is here! We all know that the past few years has been a roller coaster ride for all of us but let’s be hopeful for this new year.

And speaking about the new year, have you make your new year’s resolution yet? Or did you decide not to make any?

Making new year’s resolutions is beneficial for us. Making new year’s resolutions are all about setting goals for ourselves, whether it’s a new goal or continuing the goals that we have set before.

It allows us to reflect on what worked and what didn’t in the past year. It also allows us to learn from it so we won’t make the same mistake in the upcoming year.

A certain amount of ambitions are necessary to keep the motivation alive, and making a new year’s resolution is a good way to start it.

But of course, being too ambitious is not healthy, because when we set the bar too high to the point we can’t reach it, it will only make us even more stressed out.

Just take it easy, and if you want to know how you can make reasonable new year’s resolutions that is good for your mental health, read it right here!

Some of you might say, “But I don’t know what kind of resolution I should make” or “I don’t know what I should do in 2021”.

Fear not, because I have for you 9 new year’s resolutions that you SHOULD definitely try this year. Check it out!

1. Save Money

I know, budgeting can be a really tough one to start with. But once you get the idea of how to manage your money and spare some of them for you to save, you will see just how beneficial it is for you long term.

Whenever you are about to buy something, compare prices and look for the best deal you can get. Plan your budget for a certain amount of time.

And if you want to take things further, you can find applications that can help you to plan budgets and save money.

New Year’s Resolutions

But remember, when you spend your money on something, don’t be guilty about it. Because sometimes when we feel guilty about spending the money, we’ll end up spending more.

Don’t feel guilty, just be aware of what you’re spending on and try to stick to your plan.

2. Try Out New Recipes

Instead of setting up “eat healthier in general” as one of your goals in the new year, why don’t we just try out some new recipes?

It’s more enjoyable and while trying out new recipes you can substitute some ingredients to make them healthier.

New Year’s Resolutions

Of course, eating healthy is important and all. But getting stressed out trying to eat healthier is not healthy at all.

Therefore, it is better to change the way you eat and cook your food. Trying out new recipes at least once or twice a week will develop your creativity as well as your cooking skill.

Also, you can pick the ingredients yourself so you won’t have to be worried about what you are putting into your body.

3. Take A Time-Out Of Social Media

This one is simple but can be very hard to pull off. We might not aware of how much time we spend on social media every single day. It can lead to social media addiction and of course, this is not a healthy thing.

New Year’s Resolutions

Make sure you take a time-out of your social media. Put a limit on how long you can be on your social media and stick to it. Keep your phone aside and try to do something else that you enjoy.

You can try to read the books that you haven’t read. Or maybe starts the projects that you’ve been wanting to do.

Or, you can just simply have quality time together with your family and friends.

4. Find A New Hobby

This one is cliche but it is really good. Starting a new hobby allows you to learn new skills and keeps you productive.

Try hobbies that you are interested in but never tried before. You can try painting, dancing, or even attend yoga classes.

New Year’s Resolutions

And if you want to take things further, try joining a club. You will not only be able to do what you are interested in, but it can also help you to meet new people and allows you to work on fun projects with them.

5. Make A Cleaning Schedule

A messy room or house is never a great place to start or end your day in. No matter how busy you are, try to spare a little bit of time to clean your room or house. Make a cleaning schedule and prioritize the schedule.

New Year’s Resolutions

If you are too busy throughout the week, you can also try to spare a little bit of time every single day just to clean up bit by bit.

This will also form a good habit of cleaning your space. You can keep your home tidy without having to do a deep clean every week.

6. Make A “Me Time” Schedule

People often underestimate “Me Time”, when it is actually important to keep ourselves sane. Life can be stressful sometimes and making a “Me Time” schedule can help lower your stress level.

“Me Time” will also increase your productivity and keeps you motivated, because you have something to expect to. Think of this as a form of reward for yourself.

New Year’s Resolutions

You don’t even have to do anything big. Just simply spare time for yourself every once in a while and do what you like as a reward.

You can stay at home and read, or go outside and eat ice cream at the park, whatever you enjoy and makes you feel rejuvenated.

7. Get Good-Quality Sleep

Most of us need around 8 hours of good sleep at night to be able to function properly. Some people might need more, and some might need less.

But despite all that, lack of sleep is never a good thing. Not only that, but poor-quality sleep can also make you wake up feeling tired.

New Year’s Resolutions

Lack of sleep and irregular sleeping habit can lead to obesity, diabetes, and other serious medical conditions. Now, why don’t we start to fix our sleeping habits?

Try to sleep at around the same time every night. Don’t use your phone before bed because it will decrease the quality of your sleep. Sleep with your lights off because it allows your brain to rest too.

8. Write A Journal

Writing a journal is like decluttering our brains. Writing journals keep our thoughts organized and allow us to relieve stress.

It also helps us to reflect on things, empty our minds, and boost our memories. The most important thing is it will help us to be more creative and improve our writing skills.

New Year’s Resolutions

A journal can be anything: a diary, a mind map, or simply just a sentence about how you are feeling at a specific time.

Writing a journal every day or at least a few times a week is not only good for your mind but also good to train yourself to be consistent.

9. Be Kind To Yourself

Something so simple, so trivial, but has a great impact is being kind to yourself. Being kind to yourself can simply mean being grateful to yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself because the rest of the world already does.

New Year’s Resolutions

Try to be more kind to yourself this year. Give yourself more compliments whenever you had a bad day or things just don’t work out. Don’t blame yourself for every single mistake that happens and accept it with gratitude.

Try saying nice affirmations, such as “I am not perfect but I am thankful for me” in the morning when you wake up or “Thank you me, all the mistake I did is a lesson for me to be better and not a reason for me to give up” at night before you sleep.

So, what do you have in mind for your new year’s resolution this year? Let us now in the comment section below. We would love to know what you think!

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