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Here’s why you always wake up before your Alarm clock! ⏰

You ever had a good night sleep when suddenly you woke up, checked your phone to see there are only 20 minutes left till your alarm clock goes off? When you force yourself to sleep for those precious minutes before the alarm actually go off! Yes we have an explanation for the phenomenon and why it happens!

To understand that, we first have to look at how our bodies function. Our bodies have different cycles where it repairs itself when we’re sleeping, and increases our metabolism and initiating important physiological functions to help us perform throughout the day. And it is all correlated to a protein that also plays an important role in ageing, illness like cancer and diabetes and much more.

We knew that the body switches between these cycles when you wake up, which helps us perform, but we didn’t knew what helped switched between these cycles, until recently where now we know that the PER protein is the one responsible for all these events.

She looks awfully happy to wake up to an alarm

The accumulation of the PER protein is what tells the body how to perform. Our body performs when we have higher concentrations of the PER protein in our bodies, so naturally at night, the falling levels of this protein tells the body to slow down the biological functions, our blood pressure drops, our heart rate slows down and we feel drowsy naturally.

Similarly, when the PER protein accumulate, our body increases our biological functions, the heart rate increases, the mental awareness heightens and we get ready to perform for the day

So what wakes you up exactly before your alarm clock?

You must have heard about the biological clock of the body, where your body can adapt to a sleeping routine or a pattern according to your schedule. That clock more or less refers to this protein.

When you maintain a routine daily, your body adapts to the sleep schedule and so does the PER protein. It will deplete when it’s the time for your sleep. Similarly, they start accumulating just before your scheduled wake up time.

It has been reported that the PER protein starts accumulating approximately one hour before your scheduled wake up time, and that sometimes makes your functions to speed up to normal rate, aiding you to waking up, which is always near the alarm going off time because your body is used to waking up at that time. Leaving you with the dreadful decision weather to wake up fully or fight and sleep for those extra 3 minutes!!

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