Tuesday, March 21

Is This The End of Aubameyang for Arsenal?

It looks like the former Arsenal captain’s time at the club is all but over, and if Mikel Arteta’s post match interview after the Norwich game is anything to go by, the forward’s the time at the club is up!

Aubameyang is frozen out of the arsenal squad

So what happened exactly?

Not much is known about everything that is going behind the scenes at the Arsenal training centre but a few reports that have been released states that Arsenal forward and captain Aubameyang was not only late to arrive back in England, but has also behaved in such a way that has passed the disciplinary action against him.

The former captain has been stripped of the captaincy and has been frozen out of the squad for the past four matches for Arsenal.

Aubameyang forced to do something even Mesut Ozil didn’t had to do!

And according to previous reports from telegraph, the former Arsenal captain has been forced to train away from the 1st team at Arsenal after his arrival back in England.

Now of course, this could be a precautionary measure to save the squad from a outbreak of Covid-19 especially when multiple Premier League teams have been getting cancelled every single week, but then again, he is still training on his own and not with the first team at all!

Mesut Ozil

To put things into perspective, even the former Arsenal player Mesut Ozil who had serious problem behind-the-scenes and was also frozen out of Arsenal squad, was never asked to train alone and he even impressed team makes and the manager in training towards the end of his time in North London.

Mesut Ozil was eventually given of games during his last few months at the club before eventually given a leave of absence as he persuaded a transfer in January to the Turkish side Fenerbahce.

Aubameyang trying hard to impress Arteta in training

According to multiple reports, Aubameyang has been trying hard to get back into the team or even into the squad for Arsenal for the past few weeks and he has been trying his hardest to convince the club manager and the higher ups that he is willing to to improve after his disciplinary actions.

Aubameyang and Arteta

Aubameyang was spotted arriving 2 hours earlier to training before everyone else in order to impress the current manager Mikel Arteta but it looks like it has all gone in vain as the issues seem to be much deep rooted then we first thought.

The Norwich game was seemingly his last chance at making the squad

Multiple times, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta was quizzed on the situation of the formal Arsenal captain at the club where he would respond that they are taking things “one week at a time” and that Aubameyang’s selection will be evaluated before the next game.

Mikel Arteta

And the Norwich game on boxing day was seemingly his last chance as the forward is living England to go and play in the AFCON tournament for his national team Gabon, and it was a looking hopeful for the forward to be included at least in the squad for the game but yet again his name was absent from the team sheet.

Mikel Arteta was again asked about his absence after the match but this time Arteta was much direct and only responded with “he was not selected in the squad and did not make the team” multiple times before eventually moving on to the next topic.

What’s next for Arsenal?

As things are looking right now, the most likely outcome is that the former Arsenal captain will be sold and moved out from the club in the January transfer window but there are not that many clubs in the world that will be willing to take on a player of his age with such a huge salary margin.

The Arsenal forward signed a deal before this season for 250 thousand pounds a week before his eventual dip in form where he has failed to make any impact for Arsenal this season.

As things are looking right now, Barcelona seems to be the most plausible option for Aubameyang as they are looking to replace Sergio Aguero who just retired few weeks ago.

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