Friday, February 3

CONFIRMED: Barcelona Sign £65 Millions Manchester City Superstar

This is fully confirmed now, Barcelona will be signing Manchester City forward Ferran Torres as soon as next week.

Barcelona are desperate to sign Manchester City forward Ferran Torres and they seem to have made all arrangement to complete this transfer as soon as possible when the winter transfer market opens in January.

According to multiple reports, Barcelona and Manchester City have agreed on a price check of 55 million pounds for the Spanish forward which will see him go to to Barcelona where they are much in need of better attacking options.

Ferran Torres

Barcelona will also pay additional 10 million add-ons during the remainder of the contract and it is believed that they will be offering Torres a 5 year contract.

The new manager of Barcelona, their former player and legend Xavi has always been an admirer of Torres and believes him to be one of his most priority signings in the next transfer window.

An Aid to Struggling Barcelona Attack

Torres will be an immense help in the attacking threat for Barcelona as their current attacking option have not been up to standards with Luke De Jong and Memphis Depay being there main options going forward and both have been failing to create enough for attacking threat resulting in Barcelona sitting in the mid table of La Liga going into the new year.

With their recent star forward Sergio Aguero going into retirement due to his heart condition, and their winger Dembele sustaining recent injuries again and again, Barcelona are really in desperate need of an attacker and Torres fits the perfect role.

Ferran Torres can play on both wings and also have been proven effective at being a pure striker which would have many Barcelona fans brimming with excitement and anticipate his arrival at Camp Nou.

Medical as Early as This Week

It is also believed that Barcelona are wasting no time to get this deal done as Ferran Torres could be in Barcelona as soon as this week for his Barcelona medical and his contract signing.

Barcelona already preparing for the club statement and the player reveal at their stadium and to their fans.

The clubs are now coordinating with Torres’s agent to follow the protocol and bring the superstars to Spain without breaking any rules, so that the deal could go as smoothly as possible. And it is believed this movie will happen as early as this week.

Aguero and Torres

Torres now follows in the footsteps of his former Manchester City team meets Sergio Aguero to take the leap to the Catalonian club. And while the career of the Argentinian legend Sergio Aguero was cut short due to health reasons, Ferran Torres has a bright and long future ahead of him at Barcelona due to his amazing potential and younger age!

Dear Barcelona fans, get the fireworks ready because this is a cause of celebration!

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