Friday, February 3

NO RONALDO VS MESSI, UCL Draw to be Redone after it was Declared Void!

And just like that, we are not getting Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi one last time!

This year’s UEFA champions League draw raised many eye brows towards it and also had fans excited after it was declared that Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United would face Lionel Messi’s PSG.

UEFA champions league draw to be redone

But that’s not where the story ends, many suspicious eyes were raised after Manchester United were drawn with Paris Saint Germain, but for all the wrong reasons!

We will no longer be getting the fairytale one last time of seeing the GOATs of the game, face off against each other, UEFA has just announced that they will read to the entire champions League round of 16 draw at 1500 CET.

Fans and organizations calling the draw “Rigged!”

Of course it is a dream matchup, everyone wanted to see Cristiano Ronaldo face off Lionel Messi one last time and that match would bring in millions and millions of revenue and exposure to the Champions League

But it is the process that the match up happened, that has raised many suspicious eyebrows from all fans and professional organizations alike.

Manchester United where first drawn against you Villarreal, a team that they have already faced in the group stages of the season twice and should not have even been included in the same pot as Manchester United.

UEFA is being accused of rigging the draw

And the story does not end there, Manchester United were also excluded from even being an option against Atletico Madrid when they were being drawn for the champions League round of 16 stage!

UEFA are being accused of rigging the entire draw to bring in as much as excitement towards the competition as possible, AND THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THAT THEY HAVE BEEN ACCUSED ABOUT THIS EITHER!

Many legends in the past has spoken out against the technic of cold and hot balls to read the best possible draws for the Champions League stages, and this time they had even more so reason to do that.

European super league

After many of the top clubs in the European leagues decided that they wanted to start a super league of their own, the decision would have definitely taken away everything that UEFA champions League should for and why every single fan watch that competition for.

It would take away from the prospect of scene top teams from different League face off against each other to determine who is the best in the entire world, and the prospect of Champions League would be rendered useless.

UEFA threatened to punish each and every single one of the teams if they did not pull off the proposal of Super League which they finally manage to kill at the starting of the season.

Now they had to bring the excitement to their own competition, and what better way to do it than Ronaldo versus Lionel Messi face off one last time.

Both the legends are nearing the end of the career and both have recently moved teams in the latest transfer window, and every single fan want to see them face off against each other for one last time before they retire, making it the best possible scenario for both UEFA and fans alike.

But the entire draw with Manchester United facing Villareal, not been included against Atletico Madrid and then magically being selected against Paris Saint German raised way too many eye brows towards them and now UEFA are backing away from the current to draw as it seems.

Blaming it all on “software error”

And UEFA has now stated the reason for the Champions League round of 16 draw and that it will be declared void as we speak.

They have blamed it all on a software error that it failed to include Manchester United in the draw against Atletico Madrid and that it was not done intentionally, stating that the entire draw was nullified and will be redone at 2 p.m. British Standard Time.

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