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Mercedes Will Launch Drive Pilot Level 3 Autonomous System in Germany

Mercedes is planning to launch a new Level 3 autonomous driving system called Drive Pilot. This system is set to launch in early 2022 and will be available for the S-class and EQS models.

Recently, Mercedes has received regulatory approval in Germany for Drive Pilot, as reported by Car and Driver.

This system is operable at up to 37 mph (roughly around 59.5 km/h) on designated highways in Germany and allows hands-free driving under certain conditions.

Unlike the Level 2 systems like the one we find in Cadillac’s Super Cruise, Mercedes’ Driver Pilot does not require the driver to be looking at the road.

Mercedes’ Drive Pilot will be available in Germany for the S-class sedan first, and then for the electric EQS. Mercedes also stated that they are testing the system in the US and China.

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How Does Mercedes Drive Pilot Work?

Drive Pilot uses a suite of sensors that enable other driver-assistance features and also includes a few additional sensors such as LiDAR sensors, cameras, and a moisture sensor in the wheel well. Not only that, but there are fail-safes for the steering, braking, and electrical systems.

Essentially, the Mercedes Drive Pilot system will prompt the driver to take control if certain conditions are not met for the system to be active.

In that case, the system will stop the vehicle, start the hazard lights, and activate the emergency call function.

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Source: Car and Driver

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