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Top 10 Amazing Football Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About!

Do you love watching football? Are you a big fan of the sports? Then let’s test out some of the amazing facts and see if you know them for yourself!

Ronaldo has played under 4 different manager in his last 17 games for clubs

The crazy transfer of Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus to Manchester United left many football fans buzzing as he returned to his boyhood club.

But an amazing fact that at the end of his Juventus tenure with a rocking management, and the same repeating with Manchester United, means that Ronaldo has played under four different manager in just 17 games for clubs that he have played recently.

In his last 17 games, Cristiano Ronaldo played under Andrea Pirlo, Massimiliano Allegri, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his latest match under Michal Carrick in November of 2021! Crazy, right?

EDIT : With the arrival of new manager at Manchester United, Ronaldo’s 19th club game will be under his FIFTH manager!! 🤯

Carragher only scored 3 goals in 508 games for Liverpool

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has a shocking stat of scoring only three goals in the 508 premier league appearances he made for the club. A career that spanned 17 SEASONS with the Reds!

Jamie Carragher for Liverpool

What’s even more surprising is two of those three goals came in the first three out of 17 season he played for the Reds.

Talk about being non threatening…

Mario balotelli has only one premier League assist in his entire career!

We all remember Mario Balotelli playing in the premier League for Manchester City in which he made 54 appearances and scored 20 goals too.

But in his entire Premier League career, Mario Balotelli has only manage to assist one goal, but that goal might be one of the most iconic one in the Premier League history!

Mario Balotelli and Aguero

That’s right, Balotelli assisted Sergio Aguero for THAT goal in the dying minute of the last match of the Premier League season, which won them the Premier League title from their city rivals Manchester United’s hands.

What can we say except AguerooooOOoooooOoooo….

Pep Guardiola has managed Manchester City longer than he did for Barcelona!

This might come as a surprise to many but Barcelona legend Pep Guardiola who won it all AND the treble with Barcelona has now actually been longer in charge for the blue club in Manchester than he was in Spain.

Pep Guardiola with Manchester City

That’s right, he’s managed Kevin De Bruyne and co longer than he’s managed Lionel Messi.

Van Dijk has never lost a premier league game at Anfield since 2018!

That’s right, ever since the Dutch center back joined the club back in 2018, Virgil Van Dijk has not lost a single premier league at the home ground of reds!

Virgil Van Dijk

3 years later, he is yet to lose a match in the premier as of December 2nd 2021 (Date of writing this article).

What a wall!!

Gareth Bale crazy match in the prem

Gareth Bale is the only player in the entire history of the sport to get a goal, an assist, an own goal, and a yellow card ALL IN ONE GAME in the Premier League.

Talk about an emotional rollercoaster…

Theo Walcott is the most substituted player in premier league history

As of writing this article, former Arsenal and current Southampton player Theo Walcott holds the record for the player being subbed off the most in premier league history with 156.

For the player who failed to fulfill his potential and would rely solely on his speed, it is not surprising to see him give way to players who aren’t tired in later stages of the game to inject some energy into the team.

Only 3 players have scored 100 goals without any penalties!

There are many Premier League legends who have reached the 100 goals mark in the Premier League. But out of all of them, there are only three who have managed to reach that number without a single penalty.

Emile Heskey

Les Ferdinand, Emile Heskey, and Sadio Mane are the only players who have managed to achieve this feat ever!

Like KSI said, 🎶Emile Heskey, the Chuck Norris of football 🎶

Norwich finished third in the first-ever premier league season with negative goal difference

Relegation battlers in the Premier League Norwich came third in the first ever premier league season!

What’s even more surprising is that they managed to achieve that with a NEGATIVE goal difference!!

9 which playing against Arsenal in the 1992/93 season

That’s right, they came in 3rd with a goal difference of -4, this some FIFA stuff!

PSG have lost more games to Manchester City then to French clubs

Another surprising fact at the time of writing this article is that the French giants Paris Saint Germain have lost more games to the Premier League side Manchester City then they have to their own League clubs in the past 7 months.

Manchester City vs PSG

That’s right, facing Manchester City in the Champions League two seasons back to back and still dominating their French league means that they have lost to Manchester City three times in the last seven months then they have lost to all the single clubs combined in the first French division which is only 2 in the past 7 months.

So what did you think about the facts? Did you know all of them? let us know in the comments below!

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