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LOSE A GAME AND YOU WILL DIE : The Story Of Wyoming’s All Stars Baseball Team

You know how we have a phrase of do or die? Yeah that phrase was through literally for the baseball team of Wyoming prison inmates.

The all stars where a baseball team from the Wyoming state prison comprising of death row inmates. The terms where that as long as they stayed winning coma they could live.

In an absurd event, the all star team played their first game on July 18th, 1911 with a 12 man roster that included three rapists, a forger, five thieves and three killers.

Led by the 4 player and their captain coma Joseph Seng, who was convicted for murder of his lover’s husband, the all star were a team that won all of their matches that they played, in which the lives depended on literally.

Wyoming all star baseball team

It should be noted that this event occurred during the time period where murders was killed and shoes and straps would be made out of them. One such unlucky felon, George Parrott killed to deputy sheriff during an attempted train robbery.

He was launched for the murders by Rawling citizens in 1881, and thus shoes were made from his skin.

This was also during a period of political wars and illegal bets as many of higher ups would bet big whether the team would win or not, resulting in many attempts on the captain Joseph Seng’s life.

The captain of field multiple times to reduce his sentence from execution to life imprisonment, but by the summers and the inmate realise that Seng had lost his appeal on his execution stay, and the sole reason he was a lie was because of his talent for baseball.

Even though his execution date was on August 22nd, he was still alive on the 23rd because the teams next game was scheduled for the 29th of August.

The team played total of four matches coma which they won all four of with the last victory coming by a score of 15-10.

After the months that followed, people begin to speak replacing baseball with education for the prisoners and to stop giving that throw inmates time outs for the horrendous acts they did, and not to use baseball as an excuse.

How the team disbanded

Sun in the following months, gambling on the image was deemed illegal and the team got disbanded which meant that captain was executed on May 24th 1912.

According to the local newspaper “his steps were steady, and he went to his death in a manner which stamped him as a brave man”.

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