Tuesday, March 21

Manchester City COMPLETELY DOMINATE Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe filled PSG!

Another round of champions League group stage has concluded and the biggest match of the night was Manchester City taking on the French and Paris Saint Germain.

PSG vs Manchester City

Everyone feared for Manchester City because of PSG attack

The PSG attack showed its class last time they met Manchester City in the champions League when they managed to beat Manchester City 2-0 in Paris.

And things were looking even more menacing as the failing striker Lionel Messi who had failed to score in League 1 so far finally managed to grab a goal and an inform team of the week card coming into this matchup.

Not to mention m buffet and Neymar who have been carrying the PSG attack all season long, this article looks like it was about to eat Manchester City off for breakfast at their own home ground, but things did not go as they were expecting.

A great start for PSG, even better come back from Manchester City!

After and first exciting 45 minutes, things got even more exciting after PSG forward K. Mbappe scored a low shot through Ederson’s leg after Messi’s cross was deflected right into the path of the French forward.

It was then 4 minutes later Pep Guardiola introduce Gabriel Jesus for Zinchenko to add more to the attacking lineup of Manchester City pushing for an equaliser, and it paid off few minutes later when Gabriel Jesus a seaside Raheem Sterling for the Manchester City equaliser in the 63rd minute.

Sterling scores the equiliser for Manchester City

Manchester City completes the comeback in 20 minutes!

And it was the super sub Gabriel Jesus that was at the centre of another attack again, it was an easy type in after Bernardo Silva crossed it across for the Brazilian to slotted pass Navas.

This victory against PSG seal the top spot for Manchester City for the respective group in the champions League with one game to go. It was a largely dominant performance from Pep guardiola side who despite going a goal down recovered threw two goals from Raheem Sterling and Jesus to finish a fantastic match up.

Manchester City completes the comeback against PSG

The match by the states!

Now let’s take a look at some of the statistics in which Manchester City overwhelmed PSG during the matchup.

Despite sharing almost equal possession with Manchester City seeing 54% of the ball compared to PSG is 46%, Manchester City so more of the passes in the team with 595 compared to PSG’s 520.

Manchester City also had better passing accuracy with 93% comparing to their French rival who had the accuracy of 90%.

Manchester city were also the more aggressive side with 13 fouls compared to PSG who only had five, but that aggression also was shown in the attack with Manchester city having 16 shots compared to PSG who only had 7.

Is it all over for PSG in the champions League?

This left many fans wondering where PSG main position would be going into the knockout stages of champions League.

And many fans would be relieved to know that PSG has comfortably secured the second spot in the group despite there being one more match to go.

PSG faces club Brugge who sits at the bottom of the group currently with four points in five games. PSG should comfortably cruise through to the knockout stages of the champions League final with and relatively easy match upper left in the last group stages.

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