Tuesday, March 21

Arsenal win 27 million pound battle with Steven Gerrard taking over as Aston Villa coach

Emiliano Martinez

Arsenal fans were super angry at Edu after he sold Emiliano Martinez to Aston Villa, especially after the Argentinian performed super well in his last season with the North London club.

Following the injury to their main goal keeper, Emiliano Martinez was given a chance between the sticks after years of being the 3rd choice goalkeeper with Arsenal, a club where he was since his teenage years.

Everyone thought that from now on Emiliano Martinez would be an amazing competition for than Arsenal goalkeeper Leno, but many fans were surprised and outraged after Arsenal ended up selling Martinez to Aston Villa for only 27 million pounds.

To make matters even worse, Martinez had an amazing summer with his national team Argentina where they finally managed to win the trophy for Lionel Messi after Martinez was elected as their main goal keeper.

But looking back at it now, Arsenal fans are relieved that the new signing Aaron Ramsdale is having an absolutely outstanding season with the governors while Emiliano Martinez is suffering with Aston Villa this season with the club having one of the worst defense in the entire League.

Despite spending 89 million Pounds for new signings this summer, Aston Villa sits only two points above the relegation zone which resulted in sacking of the manager Dean Smith.

Liverpool legends Steven Gerrard has since taken over the managerial role of the club which is going downwards this season.

Martinez has conceded the third most goal in the entire League and also has made numerous mistakes throughout the season. He has failed to put in a consistent performance over consecutive matches this season, an issue Steven Gerrard will have to address after taking over the role as the manager.

The outrage through this season with Arsenal fans after Arsenal signed Aaron Ramsdale for 30 million pounds, a price that seem ludicrous at that time.

However that shining prove to be crucial as around Ram still has since replaced the German goalkeeper Leno as the main Arsenal goalkeeper this season.

Ramsdale came into the side after the September International break and ever since then the club has gone 8 games without losing the Premier League and Aaron Ramsdale has managed to keep 5 clean sheets in that time period.

Gerrard took over as the manager

The 23 year old has quickly become a fans favourite with his amazing performances and his absolute great sales in many games, the performances which have earned him the award for the Arsenal player of the month with over 60% of the vote.

While Aston Villa are currently sitting in the 16th place, Arsenal are enjoying their new gained form and are only two points away from the second place which is even more amazing considering they were the bottom of the league after their first three games of the Premier League.

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