Saturday, June 3


It is finally official, Antonio Conte has been officially announced as the new Tottenham Hotspur manager after they announce they have said their former manager Nuno just couple of days ago.

Conte is revealed as the new manager

This new move comes in after Tottenham Hotspur lost their last match against Manchester United which proved to be the last match for their former manager Nuno Espartes who was only at the club for 4 months.

His reign at the managerial helm only lasted for 14 games where his win percentage was below 50%

And the defeat against Manchester United proved to be the last straw before Tottenham Hotspur pulled the plug on their fresh new manager making it their third manager in 6 months with Conte now at the club.

Antonio Conte was also a serious contender to replace Ole at Manchester United after a disastrous start of the season which led many to believe that he would be sacked replaced by Antonio Conte.

Antonio Conte’s last stint in the Premier League was with Chelsea where he managed to win multiple silverware, something Tottenham Hotspur will hope he brings to this team as well.

Conte’s last job as the manager was with Inter Milan where he managed to win the league with the team but soon resigned as a result of financial struggles and the club not been able to provide him with the money he wanted to rebuild the team and make them even stronger.

It would be interesting to see what Tottenham Hotspur offers Conte in the transfer market as well as in the job longevity, as any team with him as the manager a serious contender for the league title.

It is believed Antonio Conte has been given a 18 months contract with the pay up to 15 million a year.

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