Saturday, June 3

Sneak a Peek into The New Morris Garage Game-Inspired Concept Car!

Recently, Morris Garage introduced their latest concept car, the Maze. The concept car instantly drew attention owing to its unique design. The car design is inspired by the gaming culture.

MG Maze is an electric concept car that might be the preview of the future of MG’s EVs. This car was designed by the team at SAIC Design based in London.

SAIC Design is a European design studio owned by SAIC, the MG parent company. This studio is the same design studio that created the Cyberster concept car that has been revealed at Shanghai Motor Show, earlier this year.

The overall design of this concept car is really unique. MG and SAIC are hoping to bring together the worlds of motoring and gaming through this electric concept car.

SAIC Design also claimed that a huge part of the car’s bodywork is influenced by gaming. The body is transparent, exposing the components inside, as well as the LED lights that give us the feel of seeing a high-end gaming PC. And even the seats in this car are styled after gaming chairs.

Instead of the conventional steering wheel, drivers can see a gaming controller in MG Maze. And interestingly, the driver would be able to control the vehicle using their smartphone.

What is awesome about this car (and makes it even more like a car in a game, too) is its curved vertically-opening canopy. This unique way of opening the car would remind us of a cockpit on a Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet.

So, what do you think about the design of this concept car? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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