Tuesday, March 21

“BUMPER is BACK!” With a New Pitch Perfect TV Spin-Off

After almost five years since the last movie was released, Pitch Perfect is finally getting a TV spin-off. The series is coming to Peacock and the story will revolve around Bumper Allen (Adam Devine), the leader of the Treblemakers.
In this TV series, we will be taken to several years after the events in the previous movies, where the story tells us about Bumper and his music career in Germany after one of his songs becomes a hit in Berlin.

Pitch Perfect TV Spin-off will focus on Bumper Allen

The spin-off series of Pitch Perfect will be produced by Elizabeth Banks. She also produced and appeared in the previous movies. Meanwhile, writing the series is Megan Amram, who previously worked as a writer on NBC’s The Good Place.

The TV series is being produced by Universal Television. Erin Underhill, president of Universal Television, expressed that they are so happy to have the opportunity to bring the franchise to the small screen, as well as exploring the hilarious and distinct characters in this musical-filled world.

Elizabeth Banks will produce the TV spin-off

Adam Devine as the main star of the TV series also stated his excitement on Instagram through a post saying, “BUMPER is BACK! Oh my. I’m a song and dance man once again. So excited to breathe life back into my boy Bump. Such a lil manic and I loved playing him.”

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