Friday, February 3

Cristiano Ronaldo scores in the LAST MINUTE to win Manchester United in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE

It’s happened again, it has really happened yet again. Cristiano Ronaldo scores in the last minute to help his team win in the champions league.

Ronaldo proved to the United’s hero once again

Manchester United faced Villarreal, the team that defeated them in the Europa league final, for the group stages of the latest champions league matchups.

Ronaldo breaks champions league record once again

With this match, Cristiano Ronaldo now over took Real Madrid legend Iker Casillas as the player with the most champions league appearances with this being his 178th match in the compitition

Bad start followed by a comeback!

Villareal drew the first blood after finally managing to score past David De Gea, who put in an amazing performance against them, redeeming his performance for the Europa league final against them.

Telles started the United comeback

After going a goal down, Manchester United got a second burst and they started attacking even more trying to get a result out of this match with Alex Telles scoring and amazing volley to mark his first goal for Manchester United.

Despite Manchester United trying multiple time, it looked like the match was going to end in a draw for majority of the fans out there until the 83rd minute.

Sensible substitutions from Ole

We all remember Manchester United’s first game against young boys where the manager took of Cristiano Ronaldo in the 72nd minute and brought on Jesse lingard, who made a crucial mistake and provided the assist for young boys to go and win the match against Manchester United.

Ronaldo was not subbed off in this match

But ole had learnt his lesson and this time he brought on Edison Cavani and Jesse lingard and did not take off Ronaldo this time so he could play the entire match upfront.

And that provided fruitful as both of the substitutions were involved with addition kavanah shooting in a cross from the left wing and Jesse lingard also involved before Cristiano Ronaldo scored a rebound in the 95th minute of the match to get all 3 points for Manchester United.

Ronaldo celebrates with his teammates

This win was crucial for Manchester United as they were with 0 points after their first match in the champions league, and a drop would have made them sit at the bottom of the table yet again.

Manchester United avoided losing three games in a row in the champions league for the first time this century, the last time they had that was when they were relegated from the premier league.

With this goal coma Cristiano Ronaldo proves yet again that he is the Big game player and also the one you would look up to in such moments. Truly an incredible player of the game!

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