Thursday, June 1

A “Get Covid” party sends people into the ICU in Alberta

Yes, you heard that right!

The party sent many people in the ICU

Surprising news coming out of a Canadian town have left many people in shock as according to local news get “covid party” was arranged which sent many people to the hospital.

City news reported this week that the guests at the party were trying to get covid deliberately in the town of Alberta and they were trying to get infected with the virus as to build up natural immunity against covid.

It is believed the guest were trying to get the infection so that they can recover from it and develop a herd immunity so that they won’t need any vaccines administered to them.

On Twitter, the town mayor of Edson where the incident happened called the news troubling but he did not confirm that the party ever happened for that the guests where now in ICU.

“while the town of Edson was not made aware of any such parties occuring, this type of events would be highly dangerous and needlessly endanger lives” he wrote

“it is true that we have many residents in ICU and unfortunately 3 area residents have lost their lives in recent days due to covid” he continued.

In an statement, health minister Jason Copping requested albertans to get vaccinated and noted indoors gathering are not allowed for those who are not vaccinated yet because of the higher transmission rates indoors.

“people who are hosting or attending this party not only put themselves at risk of serious illness or death but are also adding stress to the health care system which in turn may prevent other people from getting the care they need”

Covid mascot from Alberta anti covid campaign

The covid Mascot from Alberta’s campaign came true is it literally represents covid entering a party all while Alberta has by far the highest covid-19 cases among Canadian provinces and also one of the lowest vaccination rate.

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