Tuesday, March 21

Safemoon Prices Dropping Even Lower as Disaster Continues!

Safemoon is yet again under the siege in market as the price has been dropping lower and lower for the fourth consecutive week in a row.

Safemoon has been crashing constantly

That seems to be a panic with the safe moon holders as the sellers appears to be in full control with prices dropping continuously as the owners of safe mode watch from the stand line.


The safe mode holders have not seen much green in the charts as the price has been constantly in the red since the last week of August. The price is getting squeezed at $0.0000015, with price is dropping down even further than that on multiple occasions, but the price seemed to be holding at this level so far.

The worries between the buyers seems gloomy as the the potential profit returns margins are getting lower by the day for the people who bought in few months ago.

It is also apparent from the chat as there has been a continuously decrease in the trading volume of safe moon since July.

The buyers are on a silent watch currently


The closest thing to the hope that Safemoon buyers have currently is that safe moon has been trying to launch their own crypto wallet on multiple platforms.

But there has been delays time and time again for them to roll out a finished product, with some hope in sight as Safemoon recently tweeted out that they have submitted their app to iOS store for approval and it should be out soon.

Whether the release of the new safe mode wallet will help the price or not? Only time will tell as the trading volume keeps on getting lower and lower and the buyers confidence seems to be dwindling.


However, most of the Safemoon holders are still strongly on the Safemoon side as they seem to be a waiting for the new wallet with much anticipation, and also defending the coin against multiple people who speak out against it.

The support also seem obvious as Safemoon release wallet previously resulted in the site crashing down due to overwhelming number of people trying to download it.

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