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Paris is Called as The City of Love, and For a Good Reason

If you love to travel, you must know that Paris is known as the City of Love. Whenever we visit this capital city of France, we can expect a lot of love in the air. Until now, Paris is still one of the most visited destinations for people who are looking forward to celebrating love.

Paris is known to be the home to iconic symbols of love. But have you ever wondered why this city is called “The City of Love” in the first place? Well, here are a few good reasons why Paris is called the City of Love. Check them out!

1. Romanticism is Rooted in the Culture

Midnight in Paris is one of the most famous movies set in Paris (Image: Vintage Industrial Style)

As we all might already know, there are a lot of top art schools and world-renowned artists practicing in Paris. Even though we can see a variety of artistic styles in Paris, one of the most famous styles is Romanticism. This style is known as a style that captures and expresses the emotion of the artist, within and through the paintings. And we can find many of these paintings showcasing the people and other views in Paris.

Because of its romantic atmosphere across the city, Paris is used as the setting for so many romantic novels. This city is not only the home of visual artists like painters but also literary artists that implement the city’s romantic vibe to make some of the best romantic novels known internationally.

As we know, Paris is also a hot spot for romantic film-making. This city has a lot of shooting locations that represent romance. Some of the great romantic films were made in this very city, which makes a lot of tourists come to relive the romantic moments on these locations.

2. The City Sights Are Impeccable

Art galleries in Montparnasse (Image: Paris Perfect)

Not only the paintings, but we can also feel the romance right away from the city sights in Paris. When we visit this city, we will be greeted by the beautiful architecture to the sites dedicated to love. When we walk down the streets of Paris, we can see the combination of Victorian architecture, Art Nouveau, Modern buildings, and other styles as well.

These architecture styles give us that extra romantic atmosphere, especially at night. Not only that, but the well-crafted city design in Paris also makes even a leisure stroll around the neighborhood feel special.

One of the most popular neighborhoods in Paris is called Montparnasse. This neighborhood is a nice place to go for a romantic walk and explore what it has to offer. Here we can see galleries, restaurants, and even boutique shops line the streets. This place is excellent for an afternoon activity. After that, we can enjoy the sunset from Pont des Arts and la Seine.

3. The Wall Of Love

Le Mur des Je T’aime (Image: Discover Walks)

If we think of something that represents Paris and its romantic atmosphere, we would think of the iconic Eiffel Tower. We can enjoy the views of the landmark from Champs de Mars park below the tower.

But what makes Paris deserve the title of the City of Love is because this city literally has a wall of love. Parisians call the wall as “le mur des je t’aime”. The Wall of Love is one of the most popular destinations in Montmarte. Covering the wall is the phrase “I love you” in 250 different languages.

4. Local Parisians Are Lovely

Locals in Paris are friendly (Image: Booster 2 Success)

Enough with the scenery, let’s talk about the people. If just walking around enjoying the scenery is not enough to make us feel the romance in the city, then probably interacting with the locals will.

There are over two million people who live in Paris, and the locals are so welcoming and warm to visitors, even though they have a massive amount of visitors. The locals in Paris are friendly and well-mannered. And expect nothing less than an unbelievable amount of chivalry from the people everywhere you go.

5. French

French itself is very romantic, don’t you think? (Image: Family Search)

French is arguably the most romantic language in the world. Many people also consider this language to be the official romantic language. French is soft-spoken, poetic language that makes any phrase spoken in this language gives off a romantic aura.

French is also known as a very expressive language. Oftentimes, to fully understand the context of the phrase, we have to attentively look at the person speaking, as the speakers of this language will usually show a lot of facial expressions and hand gestures to convey whatever they’re saying.

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