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How to keep your NEW YEARS RESOLUTION and your MENTAL HEALTH in 2022!

2022 isn’t that far away and people are already starting to make their resolutions for the next year, so here’s something to help you ahead of time to prepare and achieve all the resolutions you set out for the next year!


break down your resolution into smaller achievements

We all love to go in full guns blazing and hands swinging when it comes to making new year resolutions and then get disappointed when the goal seems too far fetched come few months in the new year!! You can make a full fledged resolution like “I WILL LOSE 50KGS NEXT YEAR” or “I WILL EARN THIS MUCH MONEY” and are exhausted when the goal seem too big of a task to tackle!

The secret to achieving and actually taking down such a mammoth task is to break it down!! Instead of losing 50 kgs in the year, break down your goals to losing 4kgs each month! THAT’S WHOLE 30 DAYS TO LOSE A MERE 4KG! See how much difference a simple perspective makes??

Not only will breaking it down help you achieve this goal, it will also help you keep going and not quit in between, achieving monthly goals will give you the satisfaction of achieving the goals you set and not only do you have the satisfaction of that, you also get to see the progress in motion which helps motivate you to push even further now that you see the results in action!


enjoy the minute things

It may sound cliche but the reason you see this everywhere is because it works!!!

Being on the grind 24/7 can take a toll on you, being so fixated on a singular thing can make you miss the finer things, the little views and enjoyments in life! Always thinking about your goal constantly won’t even let you enjoy the moment or the company you are in at the moment, as even tho your body is present, your mind won’t be!

Remember to always take breaks, alot a day or two in your week to just forget about your goal for the moment or two and take notice of the view, enjoy the company, distress a little in your little so you can maintain your health and well-being and can go even further in trying to go for your said goal when you’re back on the grind!!


try new things like meditation.

This may sound weird but try and picking up a hobby which you wouldn’t under any normal circumstances!

Even tho your goal is to push your body harder in 2021, picking up a totally opposite hobby like meditation which you wouldn’t usually can actually help you change up the hard and fast pace that you are going in, all while it gives you more time to think.

AND IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE MEDITATION FULLY!!! Something as little as just taking 10 minutes off the beginning and the end of your day allows you to think clearly, make better decision and know what you are aspiring towards.

Keep you phone aside, sit down for 10 minutes, close you eyes and think what you need to do the whole day, make a list in your mind and name things you need to achieve the same day before you go to bed in the night. Or if it’s at the end of the day, think of what you achieved that you said you will today, summarise it and think on things for what you could’ve done better and you’d be surprised by how such little things actually make a huge difference in your day to day life!!

So go out there and tackle your 2021 with all these things in your mind and make this year finally be yours!!! Good luck champs!

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