Wednesday, March 22

Fans criticize Messi as he failed to score on his 3rd debut for PSG!

Many fans from all around the world, both from PSG and outside are calling Messi out after he failed to make an impact in yet another match for his new club Paris Saint Germain.

Lionel made his home debut for PSG

Lionel Messi made his home debut at PSG’s Parc des Princes, which many are calling him out because this is his third debut for PSG who played against Lyon in the French league.

Lionel Messi has failed to make an impact in any of his games since making his first appearance for PSG, he also was unsuccessful against club Brugge in the champions league match group stage.

Messi against Lyon

Many fans are calling him out on social media after Lionel Messi feel to score yet again for PSG as the inevitable comparison to Cristiano Ronaldo started yet again.


Cristiano Ronaldo has now played three games for Manchester United including UCL game where he managed to score 4 goals in three games proving to be the best signing for Manchester United in this transfer window.

Many fans are also pointing out the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo went to the premier league which is considered the toughest league in the entire world, while Lionel Messi went to the French league which is not in the top 5 European league anymore as it has been replaced by the Portuguese league for the number fifth position.

The French league now sits at the sixth rank in the European top leagues ranking.


Fans also took the mic out of Lionel Messi as his stats now show that he has played more games for PSG then he has had shots on target for them the entire season so far.

Messi has less than 3 shots on target this season

Not only has he failed to score a single goal for PSG, he has really been an unimpactfull for them considering his high wages and the status that he carries around with him.

Messi lost coach’s faith??

Many fans are also saying that Lionel Messi has now lost the fate of his new manager as Messi was taken off in the 76th minute against the latest opposition Lyon in the French league

Messi was taken off in the 76th minute

And it looked like that substitution came as a surprise to even Messi as he was seen confused and was questioning the substitution against his new manager.

PSG won that match 2-1 with Icardi scoring in the last minutes of the match to get all 3 points for PSG.


Some of the fans even started questioning if Messi is the same as he was in Barcelona, but make no mistake Messi is one of the most legendary players to ever grace the game.

It is only a matter of time before Messi’s chemistry with Neymar and Mbappe develops and he starts scoring on a regular basis for PSG.

No matter what club or player you support, you cannot deny the ability that Lionel Messi has and all we can do is wait for him to score his first goal for PSG and then the floodgates are probably going to open from there.

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